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They're at it again....

I received an email from my bank today about a credit card I have (and pay off every month). Here's what it said: Subject: Reminder - You have a higher credit limit!

Allow me to translate that for you: "Pleeeeeease! Please please please take out more debt!! Look at how happy the people in the photo are! Look how much money we'll give you to buy what you want! Would you please just borrow more money?? We have Christmas bonuses coming up!" This is why I never go to banks for financial advice. At the end of the day, their goal is clear - to keep you paying the maximum amount of payments they can get you to take on. But we don't play that game anymore. We are taking back our incomes one monthly payment at a time, because we believe it's better to actually have full control of our incomes than to feel slightly more comfortable in the moment. Banks and retailers have become experts in getting people to trade years of freedom for slight, temporary increases of comfort. And because everyone else was playing that game, we did too. But now I know better, now you know better, and together we're building better futures for ourselves and our families. I never buy something with that credit card without having the money currently in my bank account to immediately pay it off when the statement hits. I will never pay a dollar of interest to the bank, I refuse to. Next week we'll learn about assets and liabilities, and why rich people say no to liabilities until they have the assets to pay for them. If you have any examples of companies trying to woo you into taking on more debt with them, send them my way! I love to see all the clever ways they think of to try to part us from our paychecks. And above all, keep moving forward. You've got this.

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